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Gardens, Plants and You - A Guide to Botany

Plants, flowers, trees and other similar organisms living in the Earth have an important function. Because of the way they function they provide oxygen for humans to live along with beauty, comfort, shade and even nourishment.

The study of these living organisms is called the study of botany. According to, the definition of botany can be described as the scientific study of plants and plant life. There are many different areas of study for botanists which include forestry, horticulture and plant ecology. Because of the work of botanists, people have a better understanding of how plants interact with the environment and human life. For example, aquatic and decaying plants are the main source of food for catfish. Fishing enthusiasts are grateful for the growth of healthy plants the catfish eat so their lures catch the most impressive catfish specimens. To learn more about botany, here is a collection of resources:


  • Botany – definition and general information about the field of botany.
  • Botany Department – information from the Smithsonian about the study of plants.
  • Virtual Foliage – informative page about the field of botany.
  • Plant Biology – useful collection of resources on botany.
  • Online Botany Textbook – informative page containing an online book for a botany course.

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