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Lawn and Landscape Equipment: Lanscaping Tools, Commercial Lawn Equipment, Lawn Tools

Proper commercial lawn management requires a number of landscaping tools that are not usually used in residential gardens. The commercial lawn equipment include tools required for cutting hedges, designing landscapes, cleaning lawns, and planting grass. These lawn tools are not suitable for small gardens, because they are mostly power-driven and big. Some of the other common landscaping tools include mini tractors, brush cutters, blades, and lawn vacuum.

Lawn and Landscaping Tools
Managing a large garden is not an easy task. Landscape managers have to plan the design before they set out to work on the lawns. Most of the lawn equipment is used to perform basic landscaping duties like cutting leaves, cleaning the garden, digging soil, and cutting the grass. Some of the smaller tools used in lawn management and landscaping are pruners, shears, rakes, lawn carts, spades, hoes, trimmers, and wheel barrows.
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Lawn and Landscaping Equipment
Big gardens require power-driven lawn mowers, utility vehicles, power saws, and more. A lot of care is taken to create the design of a big garden. Some landscape designs can be accentuated with pebbles, rocks, and gravels. The important thing is to have a grand picture of how you can make the landscape beautiful. The landscaping equipment used in a big garden or golf course is quite different from the gardening equipment used in home gardens. Some of the tools are lawn mowers, power-driven hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, irrigation sprinklers, cultivators, aerators, and mini tractors. The lawn mower is used to mow grass. It has blades to level the lawn when the grass grows too long. Commercial lawn mowers are powered by internal combustion gasoline engine. The cost of commercial lawn mowers varies from $4000 to $90,000, and some of these landscaping tools have decks which can be extended.
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Commercial Lawn Equipment
Most commercial lawn equipment are different from residential lawn equipment they are used on a grand scale. For instance, a power-driven home lawn mower would not be suitable for a large garden with lots of grass to be mowed. Industry-standard lawn tools have to be used in commercial lawns. Letís look at some of these tools.
The lawn aerator is used to aerate the soil. It helps to improve drainage of the soil, thereby promoting the formation of worms and microbes in the soil, which enriches the soil. Proper aeration is needed to provide long-term health to the lawn.
Lawn sweepers are also called leaf sweepers. They are used for cleaning debris such as fallen leaves, litter, branches, and so on. Lawn sweepers have a brush-like structure which helps to sweep the debris and transfer it to another place.
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