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Tips for Hanging Baskets

Container planting is extremely practical for balconies, decks and in places where other plants won't grow. Watering is one of the most important components for healthy container plants.
  • Use at least a 14" basket. Anything smaller will dry out too quickly. If you're using a half basket go for a 20" one since there is very little soil once the moss and plants are added.
  • Use lightweight soil mixture to keep the weight down
  • Use a slow release 14-14-14 granular fertilizer. Hanging baskets are closely packed with plants and will need a boost during the summer. If the fertilizer is added when the basket is made you can be assured that the plants will get nourishment all summer.
  • Raise the basket up on an upside down flower pot so you can work with both hands and view the creation from all sides as you put it together.
  • Use moisture retention granules, either already in the soil mix or added separately, so that as the basket dries out the granules will replenish the stored moisture.
  • Water thoroughly and often.
  • If the basket totally dries out, take it down and submerge it in a bucket of water, letting it absorb as much water as it can handle. This will often revitalize a basket but shouldn't be relied upon on a regular basis. Correct watering techniques requires watering often and thoroughly.
  • Water from the top and also get the moss sides very wet. Don't worry if clumps of moss fall off for a while. This is perfectly normal and will stop once the roots from the plants work there way into the moss.
  • Rotate the basket so that all sides get sun. A swivel hook makes this an easier job.
  • Alternatively, you can plant sun loving plants on the southern side and shade ones on the north. I have seen baskets done this way with petunias and complementary impatiens and it works very well.
  • After the season take down the basket. You can reuse the moss next year. Besides nothings nothing looks sadder than a basket of dried out sticks on a balcony in winter.
  • If you do decide to leave the basket out over the winter, add some suet and let our feathered friends enjoy a tasty meal.

For more information on planting see How to Plant a Traditional Hanging Moss Basket

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